How It Works


Resource Realty Group has sold over 1,800 homes over the past 9 years and has the talent to sell your home fast. Chances are, we have buyers in our system actively searching for a home like yours.


We leverage technology in unique ways. Is it a matter of secret knowledge... not really. Most successful real estate companies use very similar methods for gaining market exposure. But when your WHY is so different, you use technology in different ways. Whether large or small, many systems remain the same. Over time, just like all technology improves, costs go down and systems become more efficient. The real difference with Resource Realty Group and other brokerages is that we actually pass those savings to the homeowner.

Minimal Expenses

Our business costs are fixed (for the most part). There are no corporate salaries or national TV ads to pay for, we focus our efforts in our community and the homeowners who live in it. Lean business overhead allows us to pull the curtain back and pass the savings to our seller clients. Instead of giant corporate franchise fees we reinvest company dollars back into marketing our listings. Our commission free listing service will allow faster closing times, money for repairs, down payment cash for your next home, or money to spend any way you like.


The 6% commission model was created decades ago, well before the internet. Yes it's time for a change.

Commission Free Listing is here to stay. 

It costs a listing agent the same when selling a $200,000 home or an $800,000 home yet traditional commission structures don’t recognize the savings. Our commission free listing structure passes that savings directly to the homeowner. We deliver outstanding results. You save.

Is a Commision Free Listing Right for You?

  • If keeping thousands of dollars of your own money sounds good to you it is.

  • If keeping your property’s equity rather than paying for your agent’s new car interests you, give us a call.

  • If you believe that technology and marketing innovation should benefit consumers, you’re in the right place.

    The price of your home does not matter to us. We love selling all homes regardless of shape, size, location and most importantly price. You should benefit from earning equity and that’s why we want you to keep it!

What about the buyer’s agent?

The national average buyer’s agent commission is 2.85%. Buyer agents at Resource Realty Group and other companies work hard. We recognize how much more time is spent when showing families several properties until the perfect one comes along. This is why we recommend paying the buyer’s agent 2.5-3% commission. You save money on the listing side with Resource Realty Group. 

Will My Listing Be in the MLS?

All of our Commission Free Listings are Promoted in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Where Will My Property be Marketed?

Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and 100s of related sales sites.

Do You Do Social Media Marketing?

Our social presence is vast and effective.

Are Signs and Lockboxes Included?

Yes, of course.

Do Your Coordinate All Showings?

Yes, of course.
You will never take any phone calls from buyers or agents.

Do You Handle All Sales Paperwork?

Every Bit Of It!

Do I Get Professional Photos?

We provide Professional Photos on Every Commission Free Listing

Do You Host Open Houses?

Yes! When appropriate.
Studies show that open houses have one of the lowest effective methods of marketing to buyers. But, there are situations when they are helpful. Open houses rank closely to park bench advertising in terms of effectiveness.

Do I Still Have to Pay the Buyer's Agent?

We suggest offering the buyer’s agent 2.5-3% to stay competitive showing hunt. The reality is that all agent’s should have their clients’ best interest in mind regardless of the commission but human nature does kick in.

How can you afford to offer all of this for a flat fee?

We don’t have huge corporate overhead and we embrace technology that has made marketing more efficient over the past few decades.

Aren't you leaving a lot of money on the table?

Our philosophy revolves around allowing homeowners to keep their equity. We find that most people put their cost savings back into the real estate market place therefore making transactions smoother, affording quality repairs, higher down payments, and the opportunity to move more frequently. Once you have built equity, you can continue to leverage it for each real estate purchase in the future by keeping it and not paying a real estate broker’s salary every time you move. Our passion is real estate and helping others so we are in it for the long haul.

How long have you been selling real estate?

Resource Realty Group was founded in 2008. Until 2017, we charged the same old 6% commission like most other brokers. Our financial stability and lean business operating models have allowed us the ability to pass the savings to homeowners. We could not be more thrilled to offer our new service to the Columbia and surrounding area.

List Your Home For a One Flat Fee

While other real estate brokers list your home for a percentage of the sales price,
Our Commission Free Listing Service gives you the SAME real estate services for a predictable flat fee!

How Much Money

Could You Actually Save?

Estimate your home's value on the slider to find out

How Much Money

Could You Actually Save?

Estimate your home's value on the slider to find out

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